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11:05AM 11:20AM Rev. Herman Williams
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2:00PM 6:00PM Country Connection Show “The best music this side of Heaven” with James Perry
6:00PM 8:00PM 6:00 – 8:00 Top 10
8:00PM 10:00PM 8:00 – 10:00 “The Silver Clouds”
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Sunday with Wade Grooms

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700AM 7:15AM Local news, weather, obits and church announcements.
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8:45AM 9:00AM “Hear the Way of Holiness” with Rev Randy Dobbs
9:00AM 9:30AM “Old Time Preaching and Singing”
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9:30AM 10:00AM “The Bible Story” with the Rev. Floyd Montgomery
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10:00AM 10:30AM “House of Prayer” with Andrew Ritchie
10:30AM 11:00AM Sunday School Lesson with Brother Jim McMurray,Dogwood Heights Baptist Church
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11:00AM 12:00PM Cedar Grove Baptist Church with Rev. Eddie Overholt, pastor, sponsored by the Church.
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1:00PM 2:00PM “The Sunday Evening Gospel Hour”
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2:00PM 2:30PM “The Reverend Jerry Epperson”
2:30PM 3:00PM Sister Josephine Rouis.
3:00PM 3:30PM Local news, weather, obits and church announcements.
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