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Businesses: Please think about becoming a “sponsor” for WNTT1250AM.COM. Once we have enough sponsorship to cover the cost of internet streaming “On – Air” content, we will begin doing so. Imagine; anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to “listen” to local news, weather and your “ads” from their computer or cellphone.

Levels of sponsorship: “Platinum,” Gold” and “Silver.” You’ll be surprised how little a “Silver” sponsorship costs.

Call Philip Mabe at 626-4203, or email: aileen@centurylink.net for a deal. Advertising tip: before you pay “big bucks” to advertise on another site, get them to show you their “site visit” statistics. WNTT1250AM.COM can prove to you how many unique visitors we get daily and what pages they visit.

WNTT Sponsors

Walters State Community College
Stone Realty
United Grocery Outlet

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